Dear DMCs,

We understand managing travel agents can be tough.
Hence, we have brought you the perfect solution for that! :-)

Imagine if you could receive your travel agent payments in the blink of an eye.

Imagine if you can track your agent payments at few clicks.

Worry not, our Flyremit portal has brought
you a solution at the click of your fingertips!

Who Are We?

We are India's First Digital Outward Remittance Management Portal.

We help you to track your travel agent payment, hassle free with complete transparency.Just raise your invoice on the portal and rest assured your payment is on its way. If you want more, you get live updates of the transaction.

So Register, for our services are just a click away!

Who We Are -- Flyremit

How Does Our Process Work?

The service is fast and secure. All you need to do is

Step 1

Add your affiliated Travel Agents and your Bank account details

Step 2

Raise your invoice, tagging the Agent from whom you want to receive payment from

Step 3

Travel agent uploads mandatory KYC & other documents

Step 4

KYCs and documents get verified by Flyremit’s remittance partners

Step 5

Get a real time alert when Travel Agent completes payment

Step 6

Receive remittance confirmation (SWIFT) on your Flyremit dashboard

The traditional remittance providers are time-consuming and tedious. They follow laborious methods that yield little results. Hence, our portal has been designed to cut through the paperwork.

No standing in long queues for processing your remittance. Within a few clicks,choose from the best possible remittance rates.

We have made transactions easier like never before.

So if you are looking for a fast and inexpensive way to process your remittances, just register at!

We walk you through the different stages of your payment hand in hand. No detail will skip your eye with our real-time updates.

In addition, you can double check the payment confirmation through the remittance providers independently.

Whether it be document verification or tracking your payment every step of the way, we have got what you need.

We have earned the trust of thousands of customers due to our prompt security check and quality assurance.

We aim at making the process of making overseas payment transactions more transparent. The motive lies in promoting ethical business practices.

We facilitate LRS category payments through our RBI authorized Forex dealer partners. You can trust us because our system lets no document slip through without verification.