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Remittances for Travel agents

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Applying to a foreign university is a life-changing decision to make. The responsibility of coaching and guiding the nervous students falls on the capable shoulders of the education consultants.

Managing students and getting them into different universities can be hard work. There are a plenty of areas that you take care of like

Career Conselling

Admission Guidance

Financial Estimation

Visa Assitance

You are already doing a great job as a consultant but do you know where exactly your students and their parents are struggling a lot. Its Education Remittance with Banks. Yes, you heard right.

You and your students might be thinking BANKS are the good option for Remittance but not the BEST because they will charges more than 2 to 3% as conversion charges + Higher exchange rates + Huge documents + Time consuming etc.

Why can't you help your students to process their abroad payments through We are one stop solution for abroad remittances with special features like:

Easy to use,

Always safe and secured

Lowest exchange rates

compared to Banks

Easy documents approval

Upload & verification on portal

Initiate remittances

Complete online

seamless process


customer assistance


To help your students,

We have come up with the way to make overseas payments easier and more efficient. Trust us and start using Flyremit for processing your students' payments abroad.

What you take back?

To know us better, let us explore the portal in depth! is a remittance management portal that helps transfer your money overseas with the lowest possible exchange price. Our method is tech-savvy and our requirements few. Moreover, we provide you the service of tracking your payment from end to end. Since the entire process is digital, you can make the transaction from the comfort of your home!

With every transaction we make, you get a set percentage cut for yourself. Moreover, the customer satisfaction is a guarantee!

This helps in spreading word of mouth about you and us.

Mutual benefit. A perfect win win situation!

How our Education Remittance Works?

To avail the benefits of our portal, just follow these easy steps!

Step 1

Sign up on the Flyremit portal

Step 2

Add the Beneficiary / University

Upload necessary documents for verification like passport, bank details etc

Step 3

Upload necessary documents for verification like passport, bank details etc.

Track every stage of your outward remittances.

Step 4

Your customer can make the payment through the newly created payment link

Step 5

Track every stage of your outward remittances.

Why to choose us?

Most of the students turn to banks to wire their tuition fees to the universities.

However, what they don't realize is that the banks charge them a rate 2-3% higher than what we offer in addition to the margin they keep for themselves.

As such, they lose out on all the money they can save through using our portal

How much your student can save when compare to Banks?

Say you were to wire a sum of $15,000 to a university.

Keeping in mind the 2-3% surplus charge over the rates compared to ours plus the margin, you are in for a rip-off.

On the other hand, with us you can save somewhere around the whopping amount of INR 30,000! Now that's the kind of deal we are talking you about.

Voila! We are

The best remittance management portal across India. We offer remittances and process payments on behalf of education consultants overseeing admission processes of students.

Why are we different?

Unlike the traditional remittance methods like banks and local dealers, the entire process of Flyremit is conducted online. This makes us transparent, fast and most significantly, secure. After all, we want you to feel your money is in safe hands.

Why are we the best at what we do?

Amidst all the advantages we speak of, the one that makes you put your trust in us is our guarantee to save you from money frauds. Yes, the whole transaction happens right in front of your eyes! Only after your documents are thoroughly verified, do we take up the payment. We provide highly competitive remittance rates due to live bidding.

In conclusion,

We are the perfect remedy to the hassle of overseas payments. We make the process simpler and easier like never before. We are where you should put your money (pun intended)!

So, hurry up and sign up at!